Friday, September 21, 2012

orchid (orchidaceae)
orchid (orchidaceae)
orchid (orchidaceae)
orchid (orchidaceae)
cycads (cycas)
cycads (cycas)

More Photo's from the greenhouse:

Monday, September 3, 2012

take time to relax

some days you really just need time to relax and enjoy the flowers, here are some really cool pictures i took of different stuff in the greenhouse.


 angel trumpet-brugmansia arborea syn versicolor

 banana tree-musa sapienta
 cool spiky plant

 dew on a leaf
 beautiful wax leaf flower

 random flower
 succulent plant
 and another banana tree,

these are just a few pictures that i took, and I hope you all enjoy, and if you have any ideas for more pictures i should post please leave a comment.

Important study habits

Important study habits:

During college, you will find yourself with almost no time. Often times you feel as if you don't have the time to sleep, socialize, or even eat. What most students don't know is that it is actually very easy to do all those things and have time to do other stuff as well. 

most of the reason people get stressed and busy, is because they don't know what they are supposed to be doing. so getting a planner is a very good way to save time, it will help you arrange your thoughts and what you have to do, so you are never at a loss for time.

another good thing you can do to save have more time is "time management" you are hearing this from all over the place, but what is time management. time management is the idea that you take a graph of one day, and put things into different time slots, like: 7:00-7:30 eat breakfast, and 8:30-10:30pm study.

now that we have talked about all of this, you are now ready for good study habits. statistics have shown that you only study well for about 15 minuets before you stop losing concentration. this goes against the idea of studying for hours on end doesn't it? my advice is to only study for 10-15 mins, and then reward yourself, or better yet make a short term goal for yourself, that will take a few minuets, and when it is done reward yourself, also between studying times take time to look around the room, stretch, and walk around, this will help keep the blood moving through your brain.

finally just remember that in college you will feel like you are being pulled in different directions, always remember to focus on what is really important.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Arguing points with professors

Arguing with teachers/professors:

When arguing with a professor in any matter, remember that they really aren't getting paid as much as they should, because arguing with students takes a lot of stress, which may make them die young. So if you keep this in mind when arguing with them, things will go a lot smoother. There are three things that you need to do when trying to argue a point or two or fifty with a professor. Also keep in mind that you still may not get anywhere other than making the teacher recognize you, (which is a very good thing in itself).

Step #1
If you are arguing some points back on a test, at least look over the test before you bring it to the teacher. Teachers don't just want a cry baby without any real complaint other than they didn't want the grade they got. It only takes a few minutes to look over the test and plan an argument that will be reasonable.

Know your teacher:
If you know his or her name, that will already start to build trust between you. Also if you noticed that they liked a certain football team, you could comment on how well they have been doing during the season. But most of all know the type of thing that will make the teacher willing to give points back, for example some teachers (especially if they are new) will think that they have been making a mistake, if you focus on this they will be more likely to give you points back.

Be very respectfull:
Remember that they should be getting paid more for what they do, and don't act as if you are the only student who is important. Respect their tight schedule, be as respectfull as if you were talking to bill gates, and he was about to give you a billion dollars. This will make the teacher feel good, and will put them in a better mood for giving out a few points.

Finally just remember that the biggest thing you can do for your grade, is get plenty of study time, as well as sleep, and exercise, as to be best prepared for a test.